Anger is derived from people thinking that they are on the right side of any given topic. Many people have been angry for years, which is largely unhealthy for many reasons. They aren’t learning anything because they have no interest in other opinions. Their nails are hammered so far into their board of beliefs, it would be impossible to pry them out. 

People Who Are Angry, Are Ignorant Somewhere

It is easy to get angry in politics. People are prone to immediate close-mindedness upon receiving viewpoints outside of their beliefs. They are going to fight with the limited information they have and try to win the discussion. Typically, the other side is doing this too. This amounts to a bunch of nothing in terms of us growing personally.

So much information is not learned because people are stubborn. They have that poison of thinking they are on the right side of the topic. Indie Politicalism is going with the grain of the topic before it becomes an argument. Listen intently to people and be enthusiastic that you are getting a new opinion.

Once people open up and get talking without interruption, then you can determine if there is any useful information. Extract what you can from the conversation, but let it be constructive and not confronting. It is only then are you growing your knowledge base.

Your Politics Are No Better Than the Next

group of people sitting in a circle around a question markPeople are very likely to think of their status as reflective of their politics. Successful in life? Congratulations! But you aren’t any better in your politics vs. another person who may not be as fortunate. This is because, while you are knowledgeable of some things, you may not be anywhere close on other categories of concern.

Let’s say you’re a lawyer for example. You are above average in knowledge of law compared to those who aren’t. However, you may not be great in economics, science, computer programming, etc. There are so many occupations that you cannot hold a candle to. All of these jobs may have different ways and insights into any given topic.

You also don’t really relate to other people and what values they have. A factory worker could, yes, earn less. But they could be knowledgeable of the category of economics because their livelihood depends on it. They could also be highly knowledgeable of any other category. In an ideal world, you two meet and fill each other in on categories you aren’t strong in.

There is no reason whatsoever that you should be mad at another person. Most people don’t bother to know in-depth what the other person’s views are. People are knee-jerk reactionists and are used to going into attack mode. This is a position of unnecessary aggresssion simply because you aren’t the authority of topics. Nobody is making a pilgrimage to the top of a mountain for you to give seek your political insight. Relax and learn from others. Just keep building your knowledge of viewpoints. The anger will melt away.

Do You Know the Whole Argument?

Many topics have different subcategories baked in. People often only have a focus of one or two categories, but not all. Once a person attaches themselves passionately to one category, they tend to overlook the others (and there could be a large variety). They get angry at people who value other categories.

When in a political discussion, Indie Politicals tend to ask questions that are outside of the category of focus. Let’s use a vague example:

Example: “This politician cut funding from the environmental budget for the state”

There could be different approaches to this by asking things like:

  • How much was cut?
  • After the cut, what is their budget now?
  • What kind of projects will be halted or slowed as a result?
  • What are the projects being worked on?
  • What are the costs of these projects?

If somebody gives a vague answer to any of these questions, it’s an opportunity to drill down and learn more. They may start to realize that they don’t have the whole argument. If this angers them, just let them know that you may not know the answer as well.

The People in the High Towers are Interested in Your Anger

a puppet being controlled by a handThink about all of the people that work behind the scenes in how we get our information. Our information comes from so many directions that it’s really hard to keep track. Can we rule out that there is somebody working to ensure you believe a certain thing? A group of people who sit around at get-togethers drinking wine, eating cheese, and laughing as they think of what to make the people believe? It sounds possible, doesn’t it? Because you know they have the resources to make it happen.

Think about how they must be delighted to see people attaching themselves to their ideas. Knowing that all the while, they don’t suspect a thing. People believe it if it is delivered in professional-looking messaging. The people in the towers do have the ability to make these people angry at each other, make no mistake about it!

Indie Politicalism takes all viewpoints, but makes sure that each one comes with “maybe its right, but could be dead wrong”. Therefore, people who sit in these positions of power and spread information can’t persuade us that they are right.