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picture of a heart with a puzzle piece removed

Losing family and friends to politics

This is without a doubt the biggest tragedy that has affected such a large population of people. To be put in a position of losing somebody close. All because people feel they have a sense of superiority over others’ beliefs. There’s no need for this, but yet, here we are. Friendships lost, families separated, and…
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guy yelling with hearts coming out of mouth

Some People Love Being Angry

Being angry comes naturally to some people. They enjoy getting in other people’s faces with their limited information. They lie in wait for anything to trigger them. Often times, its a small comment that ignites the worst in an individual. They are a walking tinder box and when a spark hits, they go from 0…
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man hiding behind the edge of a table

Interrupting in Conversation is Because You’re Scared

Thinking that you are right can cause outbursts of panic. Especially if there is a possibility that somebody can prove you wrong. This is no more illustrated than in the art of the interruption. People who are trying to win their political discussions will most certainly pull out all of the stops. If the other…
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somebody's hands checking the time on a watch

Note the time in political discussion

When somebody has what they feel is a strong point, you can sense they want to force it on you. Check to see what the time is and write that in your notepad, then say something like “Ok, you have my attention on (the topic), please, tell me everything you know and please provide as…
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