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hands connected by different strings

Friends by a Thread Will Box You In

People stick to what they believe because they know they could actually lose friends. If you are currently politically charged and hang out with a group of people who believe the same or close, then new ideas wouldn’t be wise. What would happen if you started thinking differently then they do? Would you not be…
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image of train tracks with a conjoining track switcher

Political Arguments Follow Tracks

When political arguments happen, it’s basically down to two sides. Within each side is a track that has been predetermined by what people think to be right information. Each side will try to one-up each other with seemingly strong arguments based off limited information. The amount of actual information they have is probably a fraction…
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newspaper lying on a laptop keyboard

News Media’s Problem is How They Get Paid

Looking through the history of news companies and how they drew revenue will paint a different picture as to how we receive our information today. Since the inception of the internet, the need for newspapers has declined at a very sharp rate. It’s been estimated that they have gone from a mid-40 billion industry, down…
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