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Political Anger Breeds Ignorance

Survey the political landscape today and you will see that it has become a wasteland of bickering, loss of friendships, and daily stress. The more we butt heads, the more the nail gets driven into the board of your our own beliefs. As a result, you think of other people’s viewpoints as complete garbage. This…
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What you can do to stop or change political arguments: Bring a Notepad

If I know I’m even getting into the possibility of getting into a heated political discussion, I carry a pocket notepad and a key chain pen. The notepad I carry fits in my wallet. It’s a moleskin 2.5 x 4, just a bit larger than a credit card. You can find key chain pens that…
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Indie political removes all labels (except for two)

Living life with no labels removes barriers. If you think about it, labels are intellectually lazy at best. It’s easier to judge a large number of people at once instead of getting to know an individual. If somebody is given a label, you instinctively think of them as having preset characteristics.  You (or anybody else)…
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How everybody is wrong in political debates and arguments

When it comes to politics, you aren’t right about a thing. This probably doesn’t sit well with you right now. Please take into consideration that I wasn’t exactly happy finding this out about myself, but keep reading. I promise that you will see why this became such a good thing. Think about the information that…
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