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The Definition of a Political Label

I want to also bring up that you should refresh on what a label is. I mean going back to basics and looking up the actual definition. When I look up definitions, I don’t use the internet, but rather a dictionary. A physical, non-digital book dictionary and the reason why is because they print it.…
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There is Only One Real Label

All of these labels have to originate from somewhere, don’t they? Think about it, down a long enough timeline there was an epicenter where each label started. Maybe it was a small group, maybe it came from just one person. And one way of looking at this is that the people who made these are…
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Labels and Groups

When it comes to labels, they front-load ignorance of an individual on the part of the person who just used it to describe somebody or a group. Once a label is used, it redirects all the things you could learn from somebody or about somebody to a one-word gloss over. If the label is used…
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People’s Standing in Life Doesn’t Make Them Right

Another thing I wanted to touch on is how people equate their standing to their politics. People who are high-earners and very good at their profession will give the appearance that they are superior. These people are only superior in whatever the hell they do. If someone is a lawyer, a business professional, a doctor,…
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How to Start Ending Political Arguments

So with how we argue. We have to win at all costs because think of what is on the line here in a political argument. What happens if you lose a political discussion? Maybe humiliation, people will think that you’re some idiot, the smirks of your opponent. My goodness, there is a lot of nothing…
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Challenge the Political Argument Entirely

Let’s say you have somebody on a rant about politics. First things first. Listen to them. Listen to them intently and do not interrupt. Interrupting is for the weak, the scared, and the close-minded. It’s just you petrified that somebody is going to get a complete opinion out. So knock it off. It’s just you…
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Being Right Doesn’t Exist in Politics and the 50/50 Rule

So this podcast is about Upward Politics, a third direction that distances itself so far away from the right and left of things that we don’t recognize them entirely. We don’t recognize Democrats or Republicans, conservative, liberal, or any political label. Upward Politics is only focused on each and every individual and how politics has…
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