When you believe you are right, you are done learning. You will be close-minded and refuse everything that isn’t in your bucket of beliefs. This way of thinking makes you angry at others and you want to disparage them. This frame of mind leads you to believe that you are superior. The thing is, you aren’t! Not even close!

Indie Political Doesn't Recognize Being Right

Eliminating the thinking that you’re right in politics sets you free. Egos will make this very difficult at first, but what softens the blow here is that you realize nobody else is right either. You are walking amongst a sea of people who all have limited information and nobody is a better person than the next.

This is why Indie Politicals don’t recognize being right. Being right means you have all of the information. That’s impossible, because you aren’t going to hear every opinion there is. There exists other people, books, articles, the news, videos, etc. that you have never heard of. Plus, there is new information being created all the time.

Add that all up and you have years and years of information you have never heard. On just one topic alone, if you tried being right, you would go clinically insane. 

Each Opinion Gets the 50/50 Rule

Every view or opinion you hear should come with a standard “maybe this is right, but perhaps it’s completely wrong”. This is known as the “50/50 Rule”. This applies to people and news sources. Remember, you’re listening to somebody with very limited information on any given political topic. They could have been lied to or had a story embellished or missing details. They just think they’re right, but you now know better that they probably aren’t.

It is important to note that being an Indie Political means you can’t get in people’s faces with this. Telling somebody they aren’t right will be met with predictable reactions. Instead, listen. No matter how the viewpoint makes you feel. Then ask questions about their viewpoint, but not in a manner that projects snark, arrogance, or disparagement. 

Perceived Superior Thinking Creates Anger

When you believe you are right, you’re done pro-actively searching for information. Why would you search for more information if you think you’re the superior thinker? People make this mistake and shortchange themselves intellectually all the time.

If you think of yourself as right, then you assume you are good. Then you think others that oppose you as evil and ill-intended. You can’t believe that people have differing views than you. How dare they? Anger starts to simmer, then eventually boil over into an inner rage.

You’ll find you start hanging out with only like-minded people. Only watching news sources, reading articles, etc. that falls within your own belief structure. Maybe getting on Twitter and getting into a game of insult whack-a-mole with people who identify as opposite of you. You’re now fully closed-minded politically and you’re loaded for bear.

The Indie Political Treatment

Applying the Indie Political approach to thinking in terms of right and wrong can bring about a great change. You can go from angry to tolerant which will open up room for you to spend time on learning and growing.  You understand that everybody has a chance of being wrong, so there is no point in competing with them, but rather listening and questioning.