Friends by a Thread Will Box You In

Friends by a Thread Will Box You In

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People stick to what they believe because they know they could actually lose friends. If you are currently politically charged and hang out with a group of people who believe the same or close, then new ideas wouldn’t be wise. What would happen if you started thinking differently then they do? Would you not be invited to as many parties? Do you think they would ban you from the group and cast you aside?

If your friends would punish you for thinking outside of their own beliefs, then these people are known as “friends by a thread”. Once that thread snaps, they’re gone. Since most people want others to like them and keep a healthy social circle, there is a tendency not to create waves with differing views. These are metaphorical prison bars that keep people in group think and not keeping an open mind to new views and ideas.

Indie political transition

If you find that this website adds value to how you view politics, use us as a reference. We can help diffuse your friends or group who are resistant to outside points of view. Indie political is a third option that can offer a way out of losing your friends. At the same time it can help steer ideas in a different direction.

If you tell them that you’re indie political, it won’t trigger an avalanche of anger. This is because its not the universally known opposite of their views. As a result, they won’t know what to think about it and cannot judge you.

Work it into the conversation

At first, don’t even say anything about indie political. Rather, just start by letting them know that you want to know more. You want to absorb something they are talking about. Make sure you have your notebook handy as they fill you in on their perspective(s). If they ask about what you’re doing, just let them know you’re going to want to take your notes home for further study. This might actually boost their ego a bit. However, what you’re really doing is growing your base of viewpoints and not accepting theirs as the ultimate gospel.

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