The Basics of Indie Politicalism

These are the basic concepts of Indie Politicalism. If this isn’t for you, then best of luck. Enjoy being angry all the time! For everybody else that wants a fresh perspective that could greatly enhance how you view politics, welcome aboard! Please read on….

a chart that compares a small amount of what you know versus a large amount of what you don't

Being Right Doesn't Exist

The most important step in being Indie Political is understanding the amount of information you don’t know far exceeds what you do. Other people you have never talked, books and articles you have never read, places you’ve never been to, and TV/Video you’ve never seen. You add all of this up and you have years and years worth of views on just one topic alone. To be technically right, you must know every piece of information that exists. You will never be right and will literally go insane trying.

For some people, the idea of not being right doesn’t sit well right away. However, it could be the best thing that has ever happened to your political views. The 50/50 Rule will cancel out the uneasiness of not being right once it’s practiced. It will help shift an angry outlook to a focus of collecting all the opinions and views you can.

A price tag shape which reads - no labels

Recognize Individuals, Not Labels

Using labels is a very intellectually lazy way of characterizing others. It’s lumping and grouping people together rather than taking the time to know them individually. Most labels used today, many people don’t even know the definitions of. They’re just being used to disparage people so its easier for political arguments.

The Indie Political must not use labels. This varies from the use for disparaging others down the very names of political parties. The only two labels you should have are “Indie Political” and your own name.

silhouette of a man striking another man

Anger is for the Intellectually Lazy

Anybody can just be angry at politics. People who think they are far better than others are very annoyed that there are other opinions out there. However, the angry people are also functioning on limited information like everybody else. 

Think about what happens if we take our anger all the way. What does that look like? Something simple like distancing themselves from close friends and family? Or maybe somebody walking into a crowded place with a weapon and killing as many people as they can. 

People who are angry are definitely ignorant somewhere, because they have no patience to learn.