Political Arguments Follow Tracks

Political Arguments Follow Tracks

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When political arguments happen, it’s basically down to two sides. Within each side is a track that has been predetermined by what people think to be right information. Each side will try to one-up each other with seemingly strong arguments based off limited information. The amount of actual information they have is probably a fraction of a percent compared to what is actually available in the world. 

Knock them off their track

Being indie political is a very healthy third option to bring into any situation where political tension has hijacked conversation. If you are asked of your opinion, calmly state that you can’t answer it. The reason why is that you’re taking a more “indie political” approach.

This answer isn’t expected and can begin knocking them off their track of tired viewpoints that they have clung onto for years. Both sides want to be right and are playing mind sports with the goal of winning the discussion or making others look bad. This simply doesn’t apply to somebody who is practicing indie political views. We want all the viewpoints we can get.

Taking an interest in their point of view is a good way to have them open up. The more they open up, the more you can take notes and ask questions on how much they know. Chances are they haven’t actually had a conversation with somebody that goes with the grain other than like-minded people they associate with. Most of the time, they are expecting just the opposite and look forward to the argument and fighting. 

Got a strong argument made against you? Turn the tables and ask for more

You are indie political and you take as many viewpoints as you can get. If you have somebody that is adamant they have a solid argument, let them talk. Note the time of the discussion for record purposes. Once they have wrapped up their point, complement them on a well articulated message. If you have questions available, you can go ahead and ask away. 

Once everything is finished, ask them for a completely different view outside of the one they just explained. Request of them not to deliver it with disparagement, snark, or arrogance. Tell them you want it as well thought out as their other point.

This is likely to show them, they only have one viewpoint. In some cases, you can get somebody who actually does have others. Stay engaged with that one and be excited that you are hearing more than one. You want to be and appear as excited for another viewpoint as you would your next paycheck. It is great that you now have two for the price of one, and tell them that.

Let them know that you accept all viewpoints, but they come with the designation of either being maybe right or wrong. Then tell them you’re still going to look for more later because those with many viewpoints are better than those who have one.

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