Indie political removes all labels (except for two)

Indie political removes all labels (except for two)

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Living life with no labels removes barriers. If you think about it, labels are intellectually lazy at best. It’s easier to judge a large number of people at once instead of getting to know an individual. If somebody is given a label, you instinctively think of them as having preset characteristics. 

You (or anybody else) are not of any authority to remove somebody from society and place them into a group of people for judgement. It is 100% acceptable for others to think differently than you and they do not deserve a label outside of their own name. All people should be viewed as free floating brains with ideas; ideas we would like to pick and add to our own knowledge bases.

If you are indie political, you only have two labels: “Indie political” and your name. That’s it. We don’t even recognize the names of the major political parties. Reason being is because it defines the boundaries and begs the choosing of sides and we can’t do that. When there are sides, there are arguments. When there are no sides, only then are you free to roam in a market of ideas.

Labels are money makers

Considering that our news media makes its coin off of customer traffic, they must compete with a high volume of information on the internet. They must grab attention. What grabs attention? Controversy. 

Here’s an uncomfortable thought: How much money is made off of the label of racism? A news article or tv segment is made highlighting a racially charged incident and the advertising is slapped on it. Contact a social media influencer with 10 million followers and encourage (pay?) them to share that story. Others will share these stories and become free advertising for people who follow them. Then boom, it spreads across the internet like wildfire. 

Labels take advantage of our outrage and add fuel to the fire which culminates in a boiling point. They devalue people and cloak individuality. As a result, our ideas are disparaged and ridiculed. Even if the ideas are actually useful, you can be cast aside and looked down upon. Just think, people are making wads of cash off of doing this to others.

This doesn’t help us grow. Nuts to labels. Remove them. Throw them away. Start celebrating the individual instead. Your life will be better off for it.

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