Interrupting in Conversation is Because You’re Scared

Interrupting in Conversation is Because You’re Scared

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Thinking that you are right can cause outbursts of panic. Especially if there is a possibility that somebody can prove you wrong. This is no more illustrated than in the art of the interruption. People who are trying to win their political discussions will most certainly pull out all of the stops. If the other side has a great argument, interrupting is a great tool to stop it. Or so they think.

Interrupting is a way of getting ahead of another viewpoint before it has fully matured. It keeps them being dominant in the conversation. But why be dominant? Unless of course, this is a competition in their minds with no intention to learn. People who are scared will try to nip a viewpoint new to them in the bud. Consequently, they will revert to what their information is and try to make it fit into a better argument. There is no growth here, only stubbornness.

People can’t take the loss

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In reality, they are terrified. Think of yourself losing a political discussion. Not a pleasant thought, is it? Somebody else getting the win and smirking with the self-satisfaction of being superior in thought. The feeling that you’re being looked down upon because of your defeat. All of this is precisely why we fight, to not lose. 

Some people believe its not possible to lose, because they have built themselves up to be an authority on the issue. As a result, the defense mechanisms have to be created to ensure they never lose. They will do their best to make it look like they are winning, even when they aren’t.

Addressing Interruptions

Somebody who is a practicing indie political will not be in competition, therefore, doesn’t need to interrupt. As a result, they learn more and build a far larger sample size than somebody who just believes that they are right in political arguments. There’s no need to cut people off because indie politicals want all of the info they can get.  

When somebody interrupts you, make a note of where you left off so you can finish later. Let the person get their whole argument in. Go with the grain and never interrupt others. Let them know that this isn’t a competition and they don’t have to worry about losing. You are trying to build your knowledge and not working to destroy them.

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