Losing family and friends to politics

Losing family and friends to politics

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This is without a doubt the biggest tragedy that has affected such a large population of people. To be put in a position of losing somebody close. All because people feel they have a sense of superiority over others’ beliefs. There’s no need for this, but yet, here we are. Friendships lost, families separated, and marriages broken. All because we think we’re right, when in reality, we’re probably not. This does apply to everybody.

If you have lost somebody, would you like them back if politics weren’t such a big deal? Take a second, stop, and think. Think about these people and who they were before toxic politics were discussed. Are they worth being shunned just because they believe different things than you? Because, it is 100% okay to believe different things than you.

Maybe its believing different things outside of politics that really made you like that person to begin with. Why lose that over the limited amount of information you or they have?

If you want to heal, here’s an idea

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What I’m about to say will appear to be self promoting. However, it is one possible way of helping to bridge a divide. If this is the first article you have landed on, it is strongly suggested you to explore this website. Find out more about being indie political and see if this can work for you.

Provided you do agree with the content and purpose of indie political, it could be a way to help. Mention that you have a different way of looking at politics altogether. Depending on the level of tension, there may have to be different levels of approach. If you’re on speaking terms, you can probably work it into a conversation. For more serious scenarios with radio silence, you can send an email or a text that looks something like:

“Hey, as you know, things have gone down a terrible path between the two of us due to politics. I wanted to let you know that I’ve discovered a political thought process that takes the edge off. Outside of politics, we got along just fine and I would like that again in some form. This new thing is really something. Let me know if you’re interested”

That was a message I sent to a friend of mine about a year ago. Fortunately, this old friend was kind of wishing that we did hang out again, but was caught up in the tension. It got him curious and when we talked on the phone, I informed him of being indie political.

There was no mention of any political topic in my explanation, just simply what this website was all about. Then we steered the conversation to memories of shenanigans that we used to get into. He’s back in my life today and I couldn’t be happier.

Will this work?

Will this happen for you? It all depends. There are so many variables in how people react. Some are so set in their ways, it could very possibly be a lost cause. But that just means might have to try harder and be persistent. Is this the right approach? Hard to say, but it certainly is a different one.

Just the concept of a different way of thinking politically will certainly raise curiosity in somebody. Be vague about it up front and don’t give any details. Let that curiosity be the incentive to contact you back. You already did what you could by breaking the ice anyways.

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