Political Anger Breeds Ignorance

Political Anger Breeds Ignorance

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Survey the political landscape today and you will see that it has become a wasteland of bickering, loss of friendships, and daily stress. The more we butt heads, the more the nail gets driven into the board of your our own beliefs. As a result, you think of other people’s viewpoints as complete garbage. This causes people to be seen as evil and ill-intended and they probably aren’t.

The human race, it’s our instinctive duty to learn and grow. The smartphone at your side is living proof of our abilities acquired by years of research and ongoing education. Teams of people have made such advancements over the years by working together. If we were split on everything, we probably would haven’t gotten very far. Politically, we shortchange ourselves because of the anger that another side exists outside of what we believe. 

We should be replacing this anger with energy to entertain all viewpoints. Someone who is indie political would not have time for anger. There is no acceptable reason to look down on people for their views. Instead, we would try to collect their views. We grow by adding them to the many views already acquired on the topic at hand. 

Anger produces chaos, no growth

When angry politically, you’re playing mind sports in heated political discussions and you have to win the game. You have to. What happens if you lose a discussion? Have you ever entertained that idea? What would happen? Because, it’s entirely possible that you don’t have all the information required to actually be right. 

When things aren’t going their way, a good amount of people actually start to panic, yell and barrage others with insults. There is a steady infusion of interruptions and cross talk. Nobody is backing down and people are hating each other more and more. A disastrous enough argument could spell the beginning of the end for a friendship, a family relationship, or even a marriage. It would block other people from even starting to know each other, where they could have had a lot of similar interests.

Make no mistake about it. Nobody grows in such an atmosphere.

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