Some People Love Being Angry

Some People Love Being Angry

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Being angry comes naturally to some people. They enjoy getting in other people’s faces with their limited information. They lie in wait for anything to trigger them. Often times, its a small comment that ignites the worst in an individual. They are a walking tinder box and when a spark hits, they go from 0 to 60 in milliseconds.

People who enjoy this are also some of the least educated people around. They may think of themselves as superior. However, it is this thinking that makes them some of the most inferior. With anger comes ignorance, arrogance, and the inability to learn. There is no growth within somebody who is angry, because it is originates from being exceptionally close-minded.

Let them go

In some instances, there are things that are non-political going on in people’s lives and they use politics as a way to vent. Looking at some of the people on Twitter go nuts at each other and you have to arrive at this conclusion. People actually spend time out of their day to slight others instead of dedicating it to self-improvement. Quite frankly, I would like to spend the time I have improving myself, spending with friends and family, and pursuing various interests. 

You do have to accept this when getting into these high intensity discussions. These people are the ones that you may have to let slide. They won’t relent and are a waste of time. You won’t learn anything from them, and they don’t want to learn from you. Plain and simple. 

Point this out to them

When addressing somebody who is in this mode of thought, I do like to point out they might actually like being this way. It’s actually a good redirect into a discussion about life. I do look for a good transition into other topics in order to take the kettle off the stove when things get heated. Telling them that they enjoy being angry does kind of throw them off their track a bit. Often, they feel like they have to explain why. This is a good place to listen, offer ideas, and to change the subject.

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I’ve had really angry people get more irritated when I’ve mentioned this.
Hearing that they possibly have a flaw, can kick start defense mechanisms. To calm things down, I like to drill down on them and ask them open-ended questions. I’ll ask them things like:

  • How many times a week do you get this angry?
  • If politics didn’t exist, what would you be angry about?
  • How much of your day do you think about politics?

Get them talking, because sometimes it helps them to revisit some things about themselves. It helps to know exactly where they are coming from. If they indicate they don’t like being angry all the time, simply suggest they take a look at this site. We can help break down some things that could improve their outlook and make them happier overall.

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